Wedding Bands

There is no denying the important role a wedding band plays on your big day as it is a lasting symbol of your love. When it comes to choosing your wedding bands, there are several considerations to make including style, metal, diamonds, and whether to choose matching his and her wedding bands. No matter your personal preference, the professionals at E.G. Landis Jewelers are here to help you find the perfect bands to symbolize your love and dedication to each other. Popular alternative metals include Titanium, Tungsten Carbide, and Cobalt Tantalum. New alternative metals are being created and introduced everyday. All of us at E.G.Landis Jewelers highly recommend the traditional gold or platinum for your wedding band. A gold or platinum band not only symbolizes the timelessness of love, it also honors the tradition of marriage. Gold and platinum are more easily sized and engraved than other alternative metals. Gold has been celebrated as the original symbol of love since 200 AD. The wedding band has been worn behind the engagement ring as the symbol closest to the heart.

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